About Oscar Brekell's Tea Selection

Japan is abundant with good tea, but what I find most intriguing and fascinating is single estate Sencha.

Sencha can taste very different, having everything from floral, herbal, fruity, or forest-like notes all depending on the cultivar.

Some teas have a pronounced umami, whereas others tend to be more well-balanced or even light-bodied.

With such a great variation, single estate Sencha can be enjoyed just like a fine wine or single malt whiskey.

Refined single estate Japanese tea came into existence only about twenty years ago and, and the production volumes are still comparably small. However, with its great variation and subtle taste nuances it clearly shows the potential of Japanese tea.

In order to share these wonderful taste experiences with tea lovers all across the globe, I started looking for captivating and unique single estate teas after having relocated to Japan in 2013. The result is Oscar Brekell's Tea Selection.

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