IN BLOOM 有機栽培品種 香駿 / Kōshun

通常価格 ¥2,315

Ingredients: Pure Japanese Green Tea

Type: Orthodox Sencha

Origin: Ōhira, Shizuoka Prefecture

Cultivar: Kōshun


抜き出るフローラルな香りは唯一無二の味わいを醸し出し、煎を重ねるごとに存在感を高めていきます。モネの庭を具現化したかのように、イン ブルームは五感を働かせ、心を励ましてくれる心地よい余韻まで残してくれます。


If it wasn’t a tea, this Sencha from Ohira would probably be an impressionist painting depicting a meadow or garden in full bloom. With pronounced herbal and floral notes this rare tea amounts to truly unique taste experience, one that lasts and even intensifies over several infusions, enlivening the senses and inspiring the mind.