SAKURA SPRING 静-7132 / Shizu-7132

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SAKURA SPRING 静-7132 / Shizu-7132
SAKURA SPRING 静-7132 / Shizu-7132

Ingredients: Pure Japanese Green Tea

Type: Orthodox Sencha

Origin: Tawaramine, Shizuoka Prefecture

Cultivar: Shizu-7132

Nothing symbolizes Japanese spring better than the transient beauty of cherry blossom, or “Sakura”. With natural sakura notes, this tea always takes me back to the moment when I got to watch the trees in full bloom for the first time, an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. Take a sip and indulge in the beauty of Japanese spring, at any time of the year.

Make sure to try a cold infusion, steeped overnight in soft water for the best result. To enjoy the aroma even more, try drinking it from a wine glass, preferably the type used for enjoying white wines such as Riesling.

When steeped with a stoneware Japanese teapot the sakura flavor grows stronger from the second infusion, after the strong umami has been tamed to some degree. It can also be extracted more easily by raising the temperature, but do take care not to use too many leaves when steeping in high temperatures, to avoid excess bitterness.

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